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Tips for Parents

WatchKnowLearn has thousands of educational videos put into specialized, helpful categories. We want to earn your trust and loyalty. Our Media Review Panel is made up of teachers who care about making this site helpful, safe, and huge!

Here’s how you can use WatchKnowLearn to help your school-age child:
  • Work with your child to identify any problem spots, then look in the Directory for categories that might help. Parent/Teacher Conferences are a great time to discuss areas in which your child might need extra help. Also, you could simply look up topics in your child’s nightly/weekly homework assignments.

  • Helping your child with homework, but need a refresher yourself? You should be able to find one here.

  • Encourage your child’s interests here! If your child has a special interest in dinosaurs, horses, space, medieval weaponry, etc.—we’ve got videos about all that!

  • You can help make WatchKnowLearn even better than it already is! When you or your child find a good video on YouTube, TeacherTube, etc., click our bookmarklet to add it to WatchKnowLearn. The best videos will be all in one place, regardless of where you found them.

  • Your children can set up their own "Simple Accounts" here. Such accounts do not require an e-mail address, but will allow them (and you!) to track their activity. They can save their own favorites, too.

  • We believe WatchKnowLearn is a family-friendly website. The vast majority of videos on the website at launch were uploaded by teachers. However, there is a remote possibility that inappropriate videos have been added to the Directory. As with everything else you find of the Internet, please be sure to preview the content of the video before allowing your child to view it. If you do find inappropriate videos, please use the "flag video" button. This will instantly take the video down for administrator review.